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SAIP changes brand identity

SAIP cambia logo

It was way back in 1977 when Giovanni Zanardi founded Saip (Società Accumulatori IdroPneumatici) and since then there has been a series of countless successes on the market and new products launched in the world of accumulators and pulsation dampeners. A brand which, while always remaining well anchored to its Milanese roots, has achieved worldwide popularity, thanks to the quality of its product and the success of the solutions engineered and produced in the Opera (MI) factory.

Starting from this glorious story of successes and Italian entrepreneurship, in December 2018 75% of Saip was acquired by Siparex, a private equity manager active in France, Italy and Germany, with the specific task of charting a new path towards the future, animated by the ambition of bringing a historic and important Italian SME to an industrial and managerial level.

This project, indicated by the new ownership, becomes reality in recent months, thanks to a path which, starting from the history of Saip products, wisely mixes tradition and innovation, values perfectly represented by the new logo: in which tradition merges naturally of the historic symbol, today renewed and harmonized in its graphic component, with an innovative representation of the name SAIP, through characters and colors inspired by modernity and technology.

The company thus declares through the new logo what its intention is for the future and that is to be a reality based on solid technical skills, which evolves towards an increasingly complete and efficient organisation. All this is made possible by an extraordinary team of people, increasingly close to each other and working with common objectives: such as the growth of its range of products and services to offer to customers, an increasingly global presence on the territory and a renewed quality and reliability of its products and processes.

The second chapter of Saip’s long history is therefore born today: starting from a past anchored in solid roots, with a dynamic present full of initiatives, which projects the company towards a future oriented towards development and growth.

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